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Writer and artist of Locas (created 1982, still ongoing). An expert storyteller who uses a very economical style, condensing a long story into its essential parts. His art started out looking a bit rough, with lots of hatching and shading; then the drawings improved and the hatches disappeared. In the last couple of decades, his work has become a bit cartoonier (personally, I liked the touches of realism the art used to have).

The collection "Flies on the Ceiling" contains several shorter comics where the storytelling is especially interesting and/or condensed. 


The Art of Jaime Hernandez: The Secrets of Life and Death
The Girl from HOPPERS (Love & Rockets) (v. 2)


Alex Toth. 

Small kids in his comics have looks inspired by Hank Ketcham and Charles Schulz. You can also see an influence from Dan DeCarlo (although in general, their art is quite different).