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I'm Martin Rebas; I live in Gothenburg, Sweden.

I've been programming since I was twelve; in high school I wrote assembly language games for Amiga computers, and my interest in programming eventually led me to get a master's degree in computer science from Chalmers University of Technology.

I've used Java, C++ and OpenGL in various projects, but I've spent most of the time working in web-related design and programming. I've been creating web pages since 1994, and I have extensive experience of HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL. I've designed and coded a large number of sites for various companies, and I've written complex content management systems from scratch.

I've worked a lot with Wordpress (including creating several plugins), and I've also worked with Prestashop, ExpressionEngine, and osCommerce. I've handled redesign projects to make sites responsive, and I've used a variety of APIs (Vimeo, Google Maps, Klarna, etc). Generally, I like programming related to graphics and user interfaces.

I'm also a versatile illustrator; I've painted computer game graphics, book covers/illustrations, comics, and much more. I have 30 years of Photoshop experience and a good grasp of graphic design, 3D modelling, photography and video editing. My Swedish and English are excellent, my French, German and Estonian are quite decent, and I'm working on my Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.

Work experience

My last workplace was FCC (Fraunhofer-Chalmers Centre for Industrial Mathematics). Some of the things I did there were:

  • Improve the 3D models of humans used in the program IPS for ergonomic simulations. I replaced the cartoony original 3D models with more realistic models from Makehuman that I modified and gave new textures to make them more appropriate for the automotive industry. I also wrote C++ code to give the models different clothes and body shapes depending on user input, while resizing and deforming the clothes according to the body shape. The first version of the algorithm blended three extreme body shapes to produce variations in body weight and muscularity/fat. The final one used data from a script written by Erik Brolin at the University of Skövde, which generalized from body scan data to generate realistic body shapes based on a large number of parameters and measurements. This work resulted in the paper Development of body shape data based digital human models for ergonomics simulations.

  • As the person in charge of the web sites, I created a new intranet and programmed and designed a calendar and two room booking systems as Wordpress plugins.

  • I created the symbol for FCC's new logo. I tried to find an interesting shape that reflected FCC's work with mathematical simulations. 

  • Installing and troubleshooting computers. 

See the sidebar for links to my CV and portfolio.