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A comics storytelling pioneer who, in the 1950s, fought to change comics from being talky picture-books for kids to visual storytelling for adults. For years, he tried to convince different publishers to let him illustrate a longer story that was primarily told in pictures. As this would have meant fewer stories per comic book, the publishers and editors never once allowed him to draw a comic his way, and thoroughly disillusioned, he gave up on comics in 1964 and started painting instead.

So why is he famous? Well, in 1955, he was given a six-page script called Master Race, and he begged for the chance to expand it to twelve pages. He was allowed eight, and within those limitations, he created a piece of visual storytelling that would stand unmatched for 30 years.

In 2002 and 2004, two huge books about his life and works were published. I'm not sure I want to read them. I get depressed by thinking of all the wasted potential.  


B. Krigstein, Vol. 1, 1919-1955
B Krigstein Comics HC