June 13: New portfolio image
I added the image Crowgirl to the portfolio.

June 13: New portfolio image
I added the image Pig Robot to the portfolio.

September 28: New portfolio image
I added the image Bette Davis to the portfolio.

August 27: New portfolio image
I added the image Charlie Chaplin to the portfolio.

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October 24:

->  An Imaginary Town Becomes Real, Then Not.
In the 1930s, the General Drafting Co. added the fictitious place "Agloe" to their maps, so they could find out if anyone copied their work. And a few years later, the map company Rand McNally published a map with Agloe on it. But they had a defense: In the meantime, someone had built a store in that spot, and named it Agloe General Store, after the General Drafting Co.'s map. So a made-up name for a made-up place inadvertently created a real place that, for a time, really existed.

The store is long gone, but until last week, Agloe could still be found on Google Maps.

October 23:

->  Blink, point, solve an equation: Introducing PhotoMath
The PhotoMath app solves equations using the camera on an iOS or Windows phone and will be available for Android early next year. More important, PhotoMath is not just a camera-based calculator. Its value is not just in giving the phone user the answer but in being able to display the solution in steps taken to solve the problem. The user can understand the process that was used to solve the problem.

->  A Summary Of The Gamergate Movement That We Will Immediately Change If Any Of Its Members Find Any Details Objectionable
"The rape threats and hate speech are coming from only one, extremely vocal, extremely visible faction within Gamergate. These radical individuals distract from the main message of Gamergate. It is important to remember that the members of Gamergate, only some of whom threaten to rape and murder women, are simply fighting for ethics in gaming journalism.

In order to clarify their message, members of Gamergate have seen to it that any individual who unfairly singles out the violent and bigoted aspects of the movement for criticism immediately becomes the target of sustained online harassment. Needless to say, we don’t mean for that last sentence to sound like a criticism of Gamergate. We’d even go so far as to say that anybody critical of Gamergate probably had it coming, if that is better.

Listen: If you’re thinking about targeting the authors of this article, or mounting a campaign to get funding for this website pulled, please reconsider, and instead, just tell us how to make this thing look the way you want it to look.

Like you, we value ethics in journalism, and will alter our content in whatever way you feel best supports those values.

Please don’t hurt us."

October 22:

->  The autonomous Google car may never actually happen.
The car can’t travel a single inch without a map that describes the exact three-dimensional location of streetlights, stop signs, crosswalks, lane markings, and every other crucial aspect of a roadway. Google admitted that the process it currently uses to make the maps are too inefficient to work in the country as a whole. The company frequently says that its car has driven more than 700,000 miles safely, but those are the same few thousand mapped miles, driven over and over again.

It can’t currently find a space in a supermarket lot or multilevel garage. It can't consistently handle coned-off road construction sites, and its video cameras can sometimes be blinded by the sun when trying to detect the color of a traffic signal. Because it can't tell the difference between a big rock and a crumbled-up piece of newspaper, it will try to drive around both if it encounters either sitting in the middle of the road.

October 21:

->  When Women Stopped Coding
The share of women in computer science started falling at roughly the same moment when personal computers started showing up in U.S. homes in significant numbers. They were marketed almost entirely to men and boys.

Movies like Weird Science, Revenge of the Nerds, and War Games all came out in the '80s. And the plot summaries are almost interchangeable: awkward geek boy genius uses tech savvy to triumph over adversity and win the girl.

In the 1990s, a researcher named Jane Margolis interviewed hundreds of computers science students at Carnegie Mellon, which had one of the top programs in the country. She found that families were much more likely to buy computers for boys than for girls — even when their girls were really interested in computers.

->  Maybe Better If You Don’t Read This Story on Public WiFi
Wi-Fi security is terrible. If you've ever connected to a trusted wireless access point, then from that point on, your phone will ask random access points in your vicinity if they are that trusted access point, and all a malicious device needs to do to gain access to your communication (including seeing your passwords, or putting child porn on your phone) is to answer "yes".

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