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July 15:

->  Dad Claims Kingdom So 7-Year-Old Can Be Real Princess
Jeremiah Heaton has claimed a patch of land between Egypt and Sudan — which due to land disputes isn't claimed by either party — as his "kingdom" so that his 7-year-old daughter, Emily, can be a real princess, the Associated Press reports.

Heaton trekked through the desert in June and planted the "Heaton kingdom" flag -- designed by his kids -- in the soil of Bir Tawil. When he got home, he requested that everyone address his 7-year-old daughter as "Princess Emily." He and his wife, Kelly, also got her a princess crown.

Egyptian and Sudanese embassy representatives did not return requests for comment from the Washington Post.

Princess Emily told the Bristol Herald-Courier that she is concerned about children in the region having enough food.

July 10:

->  Vänsterns goda, fina hat
Jag har intervjuat 20-årige André Frisk, förbundsombudsman i LUF som blev nedslagen bakifrån en lördagskväll för ett år sedan. Innan han blev nedslagen hörde han hur de skrek ”borgarsvin”. Slag och sparkar haglade över honom när han låg ned. Efter denna händelse är han mycket vaksam på sin omgivning.
Pavlina Ekdahl, aktiv i LUF, utsattes för systematiska trakasserier av den autonoma vänstern när hon i tjugoårsåldern flyttade till Lund för att studera genusvetenskap. En kväll fick hon besök av två män som kallade henne för ”liberalt svin” och gjorde klart för henne att det skulle gå illa för henne om hon inte flyttade.

– Det är många, även journalister, som inte tar tydlig ställning mot detta. Men vad får det för konsekvenser om man tillåter vissa att använda våld? Jag är socialliberal feminist och även jag har drabbats av hat och hot från den autonoma vänstern. Och om en sådan som jag utsätts, hur långt kan de då tänkas gå?
Även om flera av dem jag pratat med har gjort polisanmälningar har många av dåden varit av sådan art att utredningarna har lagts ned. Ibland på grund av bristande bevis, ibland för att brottet ansetts ringa. Anna-Lena Lodenius:

– Det är utmärkande för extremvänstern att begå många små brott. Då undgår man uppmärksamhet, och folk kan fortsätta att säga att extremhögern är värre. Men ur en demokratisynvinkel är extremvänsterns påverkan på människors möjlighet att uttrycka sina åsikter ett lika stort hot som extremhögerns enstaka, men fruktansvärda, mord.

June 30:

->  Building Bigger Roads Actually Makes Traffic Worse
If a city had increased its road capacity by 10 percent between 1980 and 1990, then the amount of driving in that city went up by 10 percent. Why? New roads will create new drivers, resulting in the intensity of traffic staying the same.

If you expand people’s ability to travel, they will do it more, living farther away from where they work and therefore being forced to drive into town. Making driving easier also means that people take more trips in the car than they otherwise would. Finally, businesses that rely on roads will swoop into cities with many of them, bringing trucking and shipments. The problem is that all these things together erode any extra capacity you’ve built into your street network, meaning traffic levels stay pretty much constant.

June 29:

->  Is prison contagious?
A simulation shows how longer sentences for some may drive up rates of imprisonment for many.
The longer you're imprisoned, the higher the toll your incarceration takes on your family and friends, and the more likely they are to ‘catch’ your incarceration from you. For drug possession, whites are given an average sentence of about 14 months, whereas black Americans typically get about 17 months for the same offense.

Lum’s team ran a simulation twice; it leveled off at incarceration rates of 1% using the shorter sentence and 7% using the longer sentence—a figure that mirrors the difference in rates of white and black incarceration in the United States today.

The researchers compared their results with California’s incarceration data since the mid-1980s, when mandatory drug sentencing became law and average sentence length for white and black offenders began to diverge. This time, real-world figures and estimates of incarceration were used in the simulations. The model's predictions were borne out almost exactly.

"Under this model, small increases in sentence length led to large differences in the rate of incarceration regardless of race. That means harsher sentencing policy may have the unintended consequence of increasing crime, rather than reducing it.”

June 27:

->  A clear explanation of the Fermi Paradox and The Great Filter
The discovery of even simple life on Mars would be devastating, because it would cut out a number of potential Great Filters behind us. And if we were to find fossilized complex life on Mars, Bostrom says “it would be by far the worst news ever printed on a newspaper cover,” because it would mean The Great Filter is almost definitely ahead of us—ultimately dooming the species.

June 25:

->  The Best Party — a retrospective.
Comedian Jón Gnarr created The Best Party, which promised a polar bear for the zoo, a drug-free parliament by 2020, inaction («we’ve worked hard all our lives and want to take a well-paid four-year break now»), and promptly won the 2010 Reykjavík City Council election, at which point they refused to cooperate with parties that hadn't seen all five seasons of The Wire.
Here's another, similar article.

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