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Martin Rebas

Theist quotes

This is a collection of theist quotes from various places. Many of the quotes are from atheist forums, which attract lots of theists, although usually not the brightest kind.

I really have to stress that these quotes are real, no matter how bizarre they seem. At least, every quote I've tried to verify has turned out to be real - that is, it was written by an actual theist, not meant as a joke, and not taken out of context (although some were probably written on a bad day). If you don't believe me, check for yourself. The alt.atheism quotes are especially easy to look up, as you can search Google Groups for the words in the quotes. Some quotes were found via fstdt.com.

Anyway, on to the quotes:

Quotes from alt.atheism

Quotes from various other places

Quotes from various famous and influential people

Brice Wellington quotes

For several years in the 90's, Brice was one of the most active theists posting on alt.atheism and talk.origins. He deserves his own section.

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